Yes, we do Public Speaking!

(I guess you shouldn’t be surprised - after all, we are Radio Hosts ;))

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Are you looking for Keynote Speakers to open up your event or conference, who can introduce your audience to a topic in a simple-to-understand and entertaining way?

Or maybe Inspirational Speakers, who can win your audience over with an interesting spin and tell a story in a unique manner?

If your answer is Yes (or Yes ;-)), we have great news for You! "You’ve Got 5 Options" is a Dynamic Duet of two Public Speakers who can inspire and entertain even the toughest crowd!

Here are some topics we Are particularly Passionate about:

  1. Losing a Job is like going through a Divorce - It can BREAK YOU or it can MAKE YOU

    Losing a job is one of the most dramatic experiences in human’s life - regardless if it’s us who were laid off or if we were the ones who resigned. In our inspirational speech, we compare losing a job to divorce and help the audience to understand the emotions surrounding the process; We also give them valuable tips on how to make “the best out of the worst” and come out of it as a winner.

  2. How to create a Plot Twist in your life and get your motivation back!

    In this motivational speech - which we especially recommend for the last quarter of the year - we encourage the audience to become authors of their own life stories.

    The best, most memorable movies or books always have a PLOT TWIST - a radical change in the direction from the original storyline /kind of like that time, when Darth Vader turned out to be Luke's father/.

    Plot twists always happen somewhere at THE END of THE STORY, so in our speech, we would like to inspire you to answer the question "What would be the best plot twist for the end of my Year?"

  3. Why your new years resolutions suck (and how to turn them into achievable goals)

    Do you feel that every year starts with the same "New Year New Me" kind of bulls**t that doesn't last longer than January? Are you tired of New Year's resolutions that never come true? Do you feel that you have a big potential, but you just can't find THE recipe to fulfil it?

    In this motivational speech we will tell you how to detect “the bullshit resolutions” and replace them with SMART Goals

Before You hire us, you should know that:

  • Although we are both from Poland our Public Speaking Language” is English

  • Our Speeches lasts from 50 to 90 minutes

  • We speak at Universities, Conferences, Company Events and Privately Organized Events

  • We will craft our speech around you and your audience needs. If you give us details before the event about the core message, challenge or problem you want to help your audience with, we will customise it with relevant stories and examples

  • We can create a Speech about any other topic that is relevant to you. In our portfolio, we have speeches like: “How to find your Life Purpose”, “5 Myths about Innovation”, “5 ways to awaken your Inner Innovator”, “Self-Efficacy and The Art of Visualizing Stuff”, “The day that has changed my life”. We can also prepare “5 ways/options/steps” kind-of-speech, on any topic from our rich library of podcasts (check here)

    Contact us and tell us what you need - we will do our best to make it happen!

  • Topics that we DON NOT cover:

    “How to fix a car”,

    “Quantum Physics for NASA Engineers”

    “Statistics is simple: Just watch”

    “Audio Sound Engineering for Metal Base Players”


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