Ep 82: 5 strategies to boost your productivity, achieve more and be happier - with Stoyan Yankov and YvG5O (Part 2)

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In the second part of the interview with Stoyan Yankov, we are digging even deeper into the secrets of productivity and performance. Join us as it only gets better from here!

In the second episode, Stoyan, Anna and Marta discussed:

  • Why hiring a coach or a facilitator for your development is a great investment?

  • Strategy Number 2 to increase your Productivity: Develop Outcome-Focused, Outcome-Free Mindset

  • Why is it important to have a clear goal yet to be detached from the end result?

  • How to live intentionally and why most of us struggle with having a purposeful mindset?

  • How does “Intention - Attention - No Tension” formula work?

  • Strategy Number 3 to increase your Productivity: Tame the Monkey Mind and learn to focus and single-task

  • How to tame your Monkey Mind and resist everyday distractions?

  • What is a Pomodoro Technique and how can it help you to focus on completing one task at the time?

  • Is the productivity at the workplace correlated with employee’s happiness?

  • How does Stoyan’s PERFORM Model work?

Questions from the listeners:

In this episode, Stoyan has answered questions from:

Cathy Perez: My question - what tip/tips will you give leaders who aim to make their teams high performing but also fun and enjoyable?


This is Part 2 of 3-parts program. To listen to Part 1 “Ep 81: 5 strategies to boost your productivity, achieve more and be happier - with Stoyan Yankov and YvG5O (Part 1)” - please click here. Part 3 is available here.

What's Special About Stoyan?

Stoyan Yankov is an economist, film producer, productivity and performance expert and keynote speaker. He works with brands globally and often gets invited to speak at international business and creative conferences, sharing his best advice in the areas of productivity and performance.

Quite a lot of talents for one person, don’t you think? On a top of that, we can confirm that Stoyan is also a natural-born Radio-Personality who approached his topic of expertise with both mindfulness and humour. Tune in and listen to this fantastic 3-parts show, where Stoyan, Anna and Marta talk about the secret to productivity & performance!

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