Ep 81: 5 strategies to boost your productivity, achieve more and be happier - with Stoyan Yankov and YvG5O (Part 1)

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Do you feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel?

Nowadays, many people seem to be busy, yet it doesn't look like they are achieving much. Or even if they do, by the end of the day, rather than feeling fulfilled, they feel exhausted - dreading the next day, where the endless circle of madness begin again.

Do you feel like every day you chase your own tail, and it feels like no matter what you do, you'll never catch it?

If yes, this program is for you!

Is there a link between productivity and happiness? What does it mean to be productive in the first place? Is it the same as “being busy” or is “busy” just a buzzword that serves as an excuse to justify our lack of prioritisation skills? Can you be a highly productive achiever and still fell miserable and if yes - for how long?

To answer these and many other questions related to the topic of productivity and happiness, we have invited to our Radio Station Stoyan Yankov - productivity and performance guru who inspires and teaches people all over the world on how to be efficient AND happy - both in a professional and private life.

What's Special About Stoyan?

Stoyan Yankov is an economist, film producer, productivity and performance expert and keynote speaker. He works with brands globally and often gets invited to speak at international business and creative conferences, sharing his best advice in the areas of productivity and performance.

Quite a lot of talents for one person, don’t you think? On a top of that, we can confirm that Stoyan is also a natural-born Radio-Personality who approached his topic of expertise with both mindfulness and humour. Tune in and listen to this fantastic 3-parts show, where Stoyan, Anna and Marta talk about the secret to productivity & performance!

In the first episode, Stoyan, Anna and Marta discussed:

  • How Stoyan’s personal struggles inspired him to master the area of productivity & performance?

  • Can you be a productive high-achiever and feel miserable at the same time (and if yes, for how long)?

  • In what kind of circumstances, sacrificing personal life and an overall balance to achieve your goals make sense?

  • Why many people fall into the trap of achieving goals for the sake of achieving goals, and how to break free from that prison?

  • Why chasing an external gratification is dangerous and is the fasted route to burnout?

  • Strategy Number 1 to increase your Productivity: Get Clear what Matter most to You.

  • What is a “Passion Tests” and how can it help you to get clarity about your priorities?

  • And many more!


In this episode we have quoted Alan Goff’s answer to a question: Can You be a productive high achiever and feel miserable at the same time?

Definitions of Productivity from our lovely (and sometimes sarcastic ;-)) LinkedIn Crowd:

Christopher Robin, Direct and Online Marketing at Sweet Leads. 15 trillion connections and counting, UK:

Productivity isn't sitting in your pants all day, at your laptop, whimpering into a pot of yogurt that you purchased from the reduced food section at Tesco.  I'll make up for it tomorrow- it's what happens when I'm left in charge. According to Mark Wahlberg, it's productive to shower 3 times a day, eating blueberries and turkey at 3:30 am.  Productivity is that thing pirates do when they're in search of treasure. They look down their telescopes to correct their course and adjust their sails. Even if they just do it one time a day, it's progress and moving them a little closer to the treasure.

Ulrika Louisa (Hørman) Bjerregaard , Bjerregaard Solutions: Specialized HR, Recruitment & Communication agency based in Aarhus with an international outlook, DK:

Getting things done that moves me closer to the goals I set. I always set milestones whether we’re talking a recruitment project/process or it’s the process of writing a book, I always divide the projects into steps. A stage divided plan ;-) if you will making it so much easier to accomplish what you want to do within a specific time frame. Achievement those milestones is productivity leading to a bigger picture

Reuben Shalome, ᔕEᑎIOᖇ GᖇᗩᑭᕼIᑕ ᗪEᔕIGᑎEᖇ Devourer of poor fonts #fontDEVOURER, New Zeland

Well...it's all been said in the comments...so let's look at productivity on LinkedIn. Most people would call this getting leads. Getting clients. Getting your post out. In which case I'm not very productive. But if I influence one person to think differently. If I make 1 person smile or laugh out loud. If just 1 person engages with me in a DM or in the comments...then that's me having a productive day.

Jonathan Rock, MBA, Elearning Wizard, LMS Wrestler, Teachable Moments, US

A person and a cough are productive in the same way, when they make something. Ha! Put that in your show.

Kotryna Kurt, Marketing / Personal Branding on LinkedIn / Video Content Creator / Marketer @ TimeXtender, DK

Getting things done/ not being a mega procrastinator. 


This is Part 1 of 3-parts program. To listen to Part 2 “Ep 82: 5 strategies to boost your productivity, achieve more and be happier - with Stoyan Yankov and YvG5O (Part 2)”- please click here. Part 3 is available here.

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