Ep 62 LIVE SHOW SPECIAL: The Power of the Purpose with Paul Bader and YvG5O

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What's Special About Paul?

Paul is a multimedia designer in-a-making, but his true calling is creating music. He is a singer, songwriter and a storyteller, and he channels his emotions and life experiences through an act of an artistic creation.

When we asked Paul to provide us with a short Bio, he wrote:

Besides being a musician, I am a dreamer. But also a believer. So I believe I can make my dreams come true and that we are the writers of this story called life.

Captivated by this poetic entry, we have decided to invite Paul to join us live on air where we talked about The Power of The Purpose, and how having a life purpose can motivate us and help us to go through moments of self-doubt and failures.


During the Live Show we Discussed:

  • What is a life purpose?

  • What is an inner purpose vs higher purpose

  • How to find out if your higher purpose is to be a healer, a messenger or a revolutionist

  • How to find our life purpose and how did our listeners discover theirs

  • How are our childhood dreams are connected with our life purpose?

  • Paul’s 5 tips on how to stay motivated and keep on going when faced with obstacles and failures

  • And many more!

We have also talked about the results of the survey that we’ve done among our listeners:

I) Who did you want to be when you grow up?


Writer/Journalist  (3)



Soldier/Army      (2)

Nelson Mandela

A happy person

Someone famous

President's wife

Someone adventurous

II) Is your childhood dream reflected in what you are doing today?

33% Partially, it falls into the same category

8% Yes, I do exactly what I wanted when I was a kid!

33% Not at all, that dream was kind of silly

26% No, but I am currently working on following that dream

III) Do you know your life purpose?

50% NO

38% YES

12% Life is a Journey

IV) How did you discovered your life purpose?

40% I am not sure what life purpose means

30% I haven’t yet, but I am Looking for it

20% Through actively trying different things and observing how they make me feel

10% It just hit me one day; it was like “a piano of purpose” falling on my head


How To Find Paul?

Paul's Personal Website

Paul's Facebook

Paul's Instagram

Paul’s YouTube Channel where you can listen to Paul’s covers and see his animated video clips (awesome!)

Paul’s Soundcloud Profile where you can listen to his music

Paul’s Patreon account where you can support his music by donating (do it!)

In this episode we’ve aired 3 of Paul’s covers:

  1. Never Give up on You by Lucie Jones

  2. Look what you made me do by Taylor Swift

  3. Fix You by Coldplay


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