Ep 87: SHIFT-Ing From A Corporate Job To Your Own Business With Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz And Anna Niescieruk From YvG5O (Part 1)

Marta Rodriguez Karpowicz reach far more

For some people, quitting their corporate job and following their dream seems like a Mission Impossible and 3 years ago, Marta was one of them. Today, Marta Rodriguez -Karpowicz, my awesome Radio co-host and best friend, will talk about her journey of gaining clarity and courage to resign from her comfortable “9 to 5” job in a renowned, international company and start her own coaching and healing practice.

In the first episode Anna and Marta discussed:

  • How to find the right balance between over-optimistic “I will make 1 million bucks in a month” and over-pessimistic “starting my own business is a stupid dream that is never going to work”?

  • What is Anna’s Get Your S-H.I.T. Together Branding Model and SHIFT Interview Model?

MARTA’s S: Story

  • Who did Marta want to be as a kid and as a teenager and are those dreams reflected in her current reality?

  • How did she end up living and working in Denmark?

  • When the first thought about starting her own business appeared in Marta’s head and how much time did it take from that moment to actually quitting her corporate job?

  • And many more!

What’s special about Marta?

Marta on Marta: I believe that each an every human being is unique and has something very special to offer. I am genuinely passionate about unlocking individual & group potential.

I practice that passion through coaching, mentoring, facilitating, motivational speaking, teaching, blogging & broadcasting. I am a radio Co-host, and Co-producer at You’ve Got 5 Options and a business process specialist at a large corporation.

I trust that we all have the power and the responsibility to change our lives and make our dreams come true. My life purpose is to support you on the journey of overcoming your limitations, awakening your inner-greatness and reaching for the life filled with joy & fulfillment. I believe that the path there leads through the integration of your smart down-to-earth side with the wise spiritual side.

I am a happily married mother of 3 boys, which on its own proves that I am great in dealing with challenges & making things happen (just check the picture of my kids, “having their moment” :-)). Additionally, I have ten years of experience as a facilitator, motivator & trainer in a large corporation and three years as a problem-solver in a medium company.

On top of that, through coaching & mentoring, I have perfected my skills of setting & achieving goals as an individual and for the benefit of the team. With conscious healing training and NLP, I have deepened the ability to facilitate the process of overcoming limitations, fears and changing patterns of behaviors.


This is Part 1 of 2-parts program. To listen to Part 2 “Ep 88: SHIFT-ing from a Corporate Job to Your own Business with Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz and Anna Niescieruk from YvG5O (Part 2)”- please click here.

How To Find Marta?

Marta’s Website

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Marta’s email: marta@reachfarmore.com

Spirituality For Down to Earth People Facebook Group

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