Ep 103: Why humans keep on predicting future if they are so often wrong: Predictions for 2019

Predictions for 2019 with You've Got 5 Options

I predict that far in the future, people will still be trying to predict what will happen far into the future. For the same reason, we do it now...to give ourselves the feeling of control over our fate - David Ropeik , “Psychology Today”

Welcome to one of our most bizarre episodes yet, where we discuss the science and magic behind predicting and why humans keep on trying to guess what future holds if they are so often wrong.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Why would humans like to know what the future holds, and to what extent?

  • What methods people from different disciplines use to predict the future?

  • Can you get trained in predicting the future and what are the key success factors to make successful forecasting?

  • Who was Edgar Cayce - “The Sleeping Prophet” - and how many of his 14000 predictions came true?

  • The most ballsy, bizarre and controversial predictions for 2019 from Quanturum, Noah the Time Traveler and Nikki the Celebrity Psychic

  • And many more!

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