Ep20 Five ways to get rid off a persistent admirer

We're back to weekly podcasting!

You've got 5 options started a radio show :). We're now recording in a professional studio, so you'll be enjoying a much better sound quality.


Today we're solving Tetra's challenge

Tetra has a persistent admirer and she's wondering how to avoid all that unrequired attention. This time we have prepared:

  • 5 options from friends & colleagues that we have interviewed

  • 5 actual options that we're proposing for Tetra


In this episode we're discussing:

  1. The thin line between romantic gestures and stalking

  2. How asking for a Mercedes can help you to get rid off a persistent admirer?

  3. Is it a better idea to confront a guy or to ask someone else to deliver the message?

  4. The guy's perspective on the whole situation as we're having Lasse, our radio technician joining us :-).