Ep09 Five Options to consider when thinking about integration into a foreign country

Thank's God It's Tuesday! And Today is all about Integration!

Thomas and his girlfriend are living in a neutral country and so far they have remained in the "pink international bubble". They don't know the language, they haven't become very familiar with the culture and have no local friends. However, recently they started to consider to have a baby and they see a lot of benefits in starting the family in this particular country.

We have a lot of personal experience in this topic and have close friends who are placed on different levels of "50 shades of pink" of the integration scale, so we have prepared 5 options for Thomas and his girlfriend. This week's challenge is all about answering THE QUESTION:


Is it a good idea to integrate into a new country or is it better to invest time & energy into getting to know your partner's culture & language?

We have of course prepared 5 Options and 3 of them are supporting the integration, whilst the remaining two are for those who decide that integration is NOT for You.


In this episode we're discussing:

  1. What are the best strategies for integrating into a new country?
  2. Could it be a good idea to stay in the "pink international bubble"?
  3. Why is it a good idea to get to know your partner's language & culture no matter what you choose?
  4. What are the options if you decide not to integrate?