Ep11 Five Ways to Survive a Shitty Day

It's Tuesday & today we're solving Isabella's challenge!

Isabella has been feeling under the weather lately, and since "The winter's coming" to Denmark the crappy days are coming more frequently. Sometimes it's just a small event at work or a tough day with kids, but since you can't always just hide under the blanket you need to find a way to push through or fix that bad day. This week's challenge is all about answering THE QUESTION:


How to survive a shitty day?

This time we have prepared 5 Options that you can choose from when trying to survive that crappy day.


In this episode we're discussing:

  1. How can practicing gratitude help when it comes to shitty days?

  2. What's the role of close friends for our general well-being?

  3. Why is it a good idea to include yourself in your circle of closest friends?

  4. What's the oldest, simplest and most effective medicine for fixing your bad day right here and now?