Ep 77: 5 steps process for healing the patterns of behavior you'd love to change (PART 2) - with Cynthia Lamb and YvG5O

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The Background

Somewhere in September, You’ve Got 5 Options received a life challenge from an anonymous listener that was beyond our problem-solving capabilities. We’ve decided to look for an expert who could join us on the Radio and advise Catie on how to cope with her problem.

Catie has mentioned that she is interested in alternative methods (like hypnotist) and that she has already tried standard psychological treatment which didn’t work, so we have decided to reach out to a conscious healer.


Catie’s Challenge Description:

I have a really really bad habit that I am not able to seem to break. You see, many years ago, I was physically and emotionally abused as a child by step-mother for two years. One time, I saw my little sister literally dying by drowning until my younger sister had the courage to save her. I believe that because of the trauma, I started to pick my skin/acne until I was bleeding. I did not realize until years later through professional help that I was unconsciously how I "cut" myself like other people who cut themselves with a blade. 

My family has never fully understood me and
I have been bullied throughout my whole life, even by my own family members. I have been struggling with this to stop this habit. Cremes, professional skin care, nothing. This is a habit I have had for 18 years now. I still unconsciously pick at myself and I don't even realize that I am doing this. 

What do you think I should do?
I have seen psychologists but the habit is not going away, no matter how hard I try. I suspect that maybe I am not able to stop because this pain will always be there my whole life as this habit comes and goes. I have also thought about hiring a hypnotist to stop this habit. What are your 5 options to help me break it?

(Hint: would be great if you could bring a guest in who is a psychologist and/or hypnotist) :)

What's Special About Cynthia?

Cynthia Lamb is a conscious channel, modern mystic and founder of Vibrant Freedom. She offers deep, soul-level healing tools for people on the journey of Awakening. Since 1992, she's helped thousands of people heal themselves of their fear, pain and suffering and move into more joyful, healthy and purposeful lives. She offers workshops, retreats, one-on-one healing programs and a 2-year certification course in Conscious Healing.

Cynthia had a spiritual awakening when she was 18 years old and that has sent her off on a trajectory where she has evolved into a spiritual healer and counsellor. For the past 30 years, Cynthia has been helping people from all over the world to “heal their shit”. Her typical clients are people who have tried traditional psychological therapy and didn’t achieve the results they wanted.

In this Episode we discussed:

  • Why “Healing” is the most crucial step in the process of changing an unhealthy pattern of behaviour?

  • What building new believes has to do with changing a subconscious behaviour and how to do that?

  • What is the metaphysical reason for acne and how is everything that happens to our body connected with the subconscious mind?

  • What does it mean that “your body is on your side” and how the innate intelligence of our cells drives all the physical changes?

  • Why are love and compassion fundamental to spiritual healing?

  • How can Cynthia’s FOCUS Method (F- Focus, O-Own, C-Clear, U-Update, S-Shift ) help with the healing process?

  • And many more!

This is Part 2 of 2-parts program. To listen to Part 1 “Ep 76: 5 steps process for healing the patterns of behavior you'd love to change (PART 1) - with Cynthia Lamb and YvG5O” please click here


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