Ep 65: 5 important things to consider while choosing between your heart and your wallet - with Edyta Gromacka and Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz from YvG5O (PART 1)

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This episode marks a very special period in You’ve Got 5 Options broadcasting history, where Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz has been abandoned by her co-host Anna Niescieruk and had to host four Radio Shows all by herself!

We wish we could tell you that Anna has been on a special and dangerous mission to save the world… but unfortunately the reasons were more down-to-earth: health issues. No worries though, Anna is fine, just needed some good old fashion rest and she’ll be back on air on the 5th of October :-)

What's Special About Edyta?

In this episode, Marta invited to the studio Edyta Gromacka to discuss an ageless topic: “Heart or Wallet?” Edyta is known as a one-woman-army and believe us - she is! Full of energy and with a natural knack for networking and connecting people, Edyta is a video journalist at TV Media House in Aarhus. She works both in front and behind the camera as an interviewer, editor and producer. In her free time she is working as a freelancer (social campaigns, music & weddings video) and always looking forward to get involved in another exciting project. She’s passionate about digital world and putting all of her heart in everything she does - including being a mom to 5 years old twins and 18 years old Mathias.


This episode also marks the return of the greatest technician ever as a voice on the show - Lasse shares his wisdom with us and he never disappoints to deliver!


In this Episode Ladies (and Lasse ;-)) discussed:

  • How to choose between your heart and your wallet and is it always an “either/or” type of a choice?

  • Why did Edyta decide to quit her corporate job and join the world of video journalism?

  • What happened when Lasse decided that he is “tired of dreaming” and is ready to make his dreams come true?

  • What are the 5 scenarios when it comes to choosing between “The Heart and the Wallet”?

  • Does our heart has neurons just like our brain and should we listen to it more?

  • What are the most common things that are stopping us from following our dreams and how to tackle them?

  • How to use a value elicitation exercise while setting up your goals and how your values and beliefs are sabotaging our actions?

  • What is the difference between empowering and limiting beliefs?

  • And many more!

This is Part 1 of 2-parts program. To listen to Part 2 “Ep 66: 5 important things to consider while choosing between your heart and your wallet - with Edyta Gromacka and Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz from YvG5O” please click here


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