Ep 96 LIVE SHOW: Christmas Special - Have yourself a Merry Little Plot Twist - with YvG5O

Have Yourself a Merry Plot Twist Christmas with YvG5O
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Christmas is here! In this episode, Anna’s obsession with “Die Hard” gets exposed, and Marta reveals her biggest nightmare before Christmas. Join us for this jolly and hilarious episode where we talk about the Magic of Christmas and advise our listeners on how to make a Plot Twist and spend their holidays like the heroes of their favourite Christmas movies!

In this Episode Anna and Marta Discussed:

  • What is people’s biggest “Nightmare before Christmas” of all time?

  • When do we know it’s Christmas?

  • What is the best Christmas song ever and why it’s not “All I want for Christmas is you”?

  • Do people still send out Christmas cards?

  • And do we believe in Christmas miracles?

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