Ep 67 LIVE SHOW SPECIAL: Kiss your Social Life Goodbye - You're an entrepreneur now! - with Klaudia Adamiec and YvG5O

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What's Special About Klaudia?

Klaudia Adamiec - in some circles known as a hero, who quit her corporate job and dived into deep blue and unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship. Where did she take courage from to to do it? How her own personal experience and story has influenced her decision? And who is Klaudia serving today with her kick-ass fitness programs and couching sessions?

Today Klaudia has joined Marta in a studio to talk about her journey and to give us first-hand insights on what it means to follow your dream and become your own boss. Join us and listen to this truly inspirational show, where we also debunk (or confirm) myths about entrepreneurship.

A word about Klaudia from… Klaudia: I am a passionate personal trainer and a fitness instructor, who knows everything about negative thinking, low self-esteem, a bad picture of yourself, how difficult it is to control what you eat and be motivated to exercise at the same time. Since I know how hard it is and understand what women might struggle with, I am willing to help them as much as I can. The journey of guiding and encouraging different individuals towards the path of living a healthy and fit lifestyle is my purpose in life.


During the Live Show we Discussed:

  • Why Klaudia has chosen to drop her corporate, convenient job and follow her dream of becoming full time fitness instructor and wellness coach?

  • The day that has changed Klaudia’s life: Personal story about the day when Klaudia quit her office job

  • Why purpose and mission are the best fuel to your entrepreneur’s engine


  • Do entrepreneurs really work averagely 80+ hours per week?

  • Is your social life officially over once you start your own business?

  • Is dating or having a relationship while launching a start-up a dream that rarely comes true?

  • Do your friends and followers expect free stuff from you once you have your own company and how to cope with that?

  • Is being an entrepreneur means you are a lonely island?

  • Do entrepreneurs work even if they are sick?

  • And many more!

How To Find Klaudia?

Klaudia's Personal Website

Klaudia's Facebook

Klaudia's Instagram

We have also talked about the results of the survey that we’ve done among our listeners:

I) Is it okay to cut people off from your life, when they don’t support your dreams?

50% Yes

50% No


II) What comes first: your dream career or your family / social life?

66% The both come “first” - balance is the key

34% Depends on the period in my life

0% Family/social life always comes first!   

0% My dream/career - If I don’t feel fulfilled, I am unhappy

0% My dream/career - At this point in my life, I don’t really need a family/social life to begin with

0% I am unable to choose


III) Have you ever lost a friend or a partner because of the time and effort you put in pursuing your dreams?

34% Yes

66% No


IV) Do you have problems with balancing your work and family/social life?

40% Yes, I have a big challenge with that and sometimes it's too much to handle

40% I had in the past, but now I got better at it  

20% Yes! And can someone please teach me?  

0% Nope, because I focus only on work

0% Nope because I focus only on family/social life  

0% Hahaha, if you find someone who can balance that, give me their number


V) How much time do you averagely spend:

a) Working  70/80h

b) With your friends and family 30/40h

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