Ep 123: Season Premiere! Los Fuegos, gay penguins, PINK! SuperGlue conspiracy and how can broccoli help your marriage

Ep 123 Season Premiere You've Got 5 Options

It’s a Season Premier and we couldn’t be more excited! New season, new format, new jingles and still… 5 Options! Tune in and find out what our “wise brains had brainstormed” over the summer and how are we planning to keep you entertained over the next few months!

In This Episode we had:

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Interview with Julian Maraboto from Los Fuegos

CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: How to avoid an open war in front of children when you and your partner have different parenting styles (and what broccoli has to do with it)?


  • Danish pig seamen smugglers

  • Homosexual penguin hatches a mysterious egg

  • Did Epstein get “suicided”?

  • Bulletproof backpacks introduced into US school’s supplies market

  • and does it always rain in Denmark?

WISDOM OF THE WEEK: “Getting married is like going from being unemployed to having a job” / Shallon Lester

FROM THE LEFT WEEK: PINK! SupeGlue Conspiracy aka Why Danes don’t dance at the concerts?


INTRO and jingles for the show produced by Supermoon Music Recording Studio

About Artist of the Week:

Los Fuegos is an explosive blend of Rock, Cumbia, Balkan and Reggae that arouses the inner dancer that inhabits in all of us.


Their live performance consists of a collective of migrants and refugees born in Mexico, Colombia, Bosnia and Denmark that fuses their exotic musical traditions into a blazing carnival of stage-melting extravaganza. Los Fuegos steers the listener’s primal instincts towards the dance floor, they incite them to connect with their body and ignite their heart with up-beat fiery waves of sound.

Where to find Los Fuegos?

Los Fuegos Facebook Page

See them LIVE 30th of August 2019 (20:00) at Det Turkise Telt

Song of the week: Los Fuegos “Falafel”

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