Ep 80: LIVE SHOW SPECIAL: Debunking Myths about entrepreneurship - with Jan Rezek and YvG5O

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Why is this LIVE SHOW Special?

As Anna always says, every show and every guest is SPECIAL, so let’s just call this one… “different”;) This time we tried in the studio something entirely new: Instead of one special guest, we had SIX!

Back in September, we went LIVE with Klaudia Adamiec, and we talked about the social life of entrepreneurs (Ep 67 LIVE SHOW SPECIAL: Kiss Your Social Life Goodbye - You're An Entrepreneur Now! - With Klaudia Adamiec And YvG5O). After the interview was aired, we’ve dropped on LinkedIn couple “entrepreneurial myths” that we were debunking with Klaudia and… well, let’s just say we got more engagement than we ever expected!

We couldn’t let so much of a good content go to waste, so we’ve decided to make an additional episode where we could reflect on all the comments we got from LinkedIn.

Cool, right? ;)

And then we thought of something EVEN COOLER - instead of reading comments from LinkedIn on our Radio Show, we asked the actual authors to read them! And this is how we ended up having SIX guests simultaneously - one in person and five via voice mails :)

In this episode you will be able to listen to:

Kotryna Kurt, Social Media and Personal Branding enthusiast, LinkedIn fanatic, and a charismatic public speaker

Muna Shakour, Founder and Personal Development Coach at Inside Out with Muna

Maria Voss, Personal branding 🦄 Content Marketing 😍 Social Media 👍

Emilie Wren, World's Okay-est Recruiter | Beach Bum | Public Speaker | Manufacturing Maven

Renee Vren, Enrichment Coach | Speaker | Author | Founder of Simply Enrich, LLC and "The Treasure Swap" event

and Jan Rezek

What's Special About Jan?

Originally from the Czech Republic, Jan has been studying and doing business in Denmark for the past four years. In some circles, he is known as a serial entrepreneur (do not confuse with a serial killer ;)) and a “Go-To” Person if you look for professional advice about how to start your own business.

Jan has been starting up businesses since he was 16 years old. He has founded or partially owned four different companies and consulted/coached dozens of entrepreneurs on how to make their startups successful. Today he has graced us with his presence on the Radio and gave us his insight on what the life of an entrepreneur looks like.

Jan on Jan: Serial entrepreneur with a business DNA, who has talent to spot opportunities on the market. My main life mission is to challenge the status quo and to help others pursuing their why. Dreamer trying to stop his brain wondering for the last 27 years

We were debunking 5 Myths about Entrepreneurship


  1. Do entrepreneurs really work averagely 80+ hours per week?

  2. Is your social life officially over once you start your own business?

  3. Is dating or having a relationship while launching a start-up a dream that rarely comes true?

  4. Do people change the way they talk to you once you’ve become an entrepreneur?

  5. Is being an entrepreneur means you are a lonely island?

How To Find Jan?

Jan's LinkedIn

Jan’s Email jan@startupnordics.com

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