Ep 94: 5 building blocks of compassionate leadership with Dimi Cholakov and YvG5O (Part 1)

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A Great Leader is like Santa - we all wish it’s true, but we all doubt it’s real. That’s why, this December You’ve Got 5 Options, is trying to figure out if Santa (alias The Great Leader) is an idealistic dream or an achievable possibility. Join us while we discuss what does it mean to be a compassionate leader with Dimi Cholakov - a life coach and a leadership consultant.

In The First Episode, Dimi, Anna And Marta Discussed:

  • How Dimi’s personal journey and path to a personal growth motivated him to explore the topic of self-leadership?

  • Why a car accident and losing all material possessions as a consequence, was a first turning point in Dimi’s life?

  • What was a title of the book that put Dimi on a path to self-discovery?

  • Why accelerated personal growth is usually accompanied with many internal conflicts and why do we sometimes need a breakdown to get a breakthrough?

  • How lack of internal alignment resulted in Dimi’s breakdown in spite of being offered a position of the company’s COO?

  • How did Dimi transition from a Performance Coach to a Leadership Consultant?

  • First Building Block of Compassionate Leadership: Clarity

  • And many more!


This is Part 1 of 2-parts program. To listen to Part 2 “Ep 95: 5 building blocks of compassionate leadership with Dimi Cholakov and YvG5O (Part 2)” - please click here.

What's Special About Dimi?

Dimi Cholakov supports leaders of fast-growing companies to create and sustain a company culture which maximizes the creative potential of their employees. 

He is a leadership consultant and ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Master Practitioner, certified by one of the most renowned Coaching Academies, the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

How To Find Dimi?

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