Ep 72 LIVE SHOW SPECIAL: What the heck am I doing here as an expat? - with Antony Ryan and YvG5O

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What's Special About Antony?

Antony Ryan has become a friend of the show from a moment when we found out that he was our “anonymous musician” aka Paul from “5 ways how to feel inspired again” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). This time we have invited him to join us as a special guest on the LIVE SHOW: “What the heck am I doing here as an expat?” and we were not disappointed! Join us for this incredibly hilarious yet insightful show where we discuss a life of an expat and adjusting to “a Danish reality”.


Antony Ryan is one half of the electronic music duo ISAN. Since 1996 they have recorded 8 full-length albums, plus dozens of other releases and remix credits including Depeche Mode. As well as recording and producing music, ISAN have performed live around the world - from Rio De Janeiro to Tokyo - and have had their music featured in film and TV productions including the recent HBO series "The Young Pope".

Antony also works as a freelance audio mastering engineer (RedRedPaw Mastering). He has worked on over 400 commercial releases for digital and vinyl releases with highlights including Oh Wonder, Grimes, Red Snapper and Danish artists such as Rumpistol, Kalaha & Lukkif.


During the Live Show we Discussed:

  • How did Antony become a certified “glass blower” while living for 2 years in the middle of a Swedish forest?

  • What is the only thing Antony has ever regretted and what Radiohead has to do with it?

  • What has happened with Antony’s early years’ techno music career?

Antony has also given us his thought on 5 MYTHS ABOUT DENMARK

  • 6-8 HOURS OF DAYLIGHT IN WINTER IS NOT A JOKE and how to cope with that?


  • SUMMER IS A STATE OF MIND, NOT AN ACTUAL SEASON and what are the surprising benefits of that?

  • LEARNING THE DANISH ALPHABET WILL NOT HELP IN ACTUALLY LEARNING THE DANISH LANGUAGE and what is the best approach to learning the language?

  • DENMARK’s THE WORST COUNTRY AT MAKING FRIENDS and how to build your social life once you’re here?

We Have Also Talked About The Results Of The Survey That We’ve Done Among Our Listeners:

1. How often do you ask yourself: “What the heck am I doing here as an expat?”

  • 23% Every day

  • 19% 1-2 a week

  • 9% 1-2 a month

  • 25% I love being here

  • 13% Almost never

  • 11% Every time someone expects me to speak Danish


2. If there was no limitations, where would you like to live now?

  • 20% My home country

  • 40% Somewhere nice & warm

  • 10% Don’t know where, but I’d run away as soon as possible

  • 15% I am unable to choose

  • 15% I’d just stay here

3. How often do you ask yourself: “What the heck am I doing here on planet Earth?

  • 24% Almost never, I don’t think it makes any sense to ask that question

  • 12% I know exactly what I’m doing here

  • 28% More often than I’d like to admit

  • 24% Sometimes

  • 12% Quite often & I haven’t found the answer yet, which is why I am here

  • 0% Every time I go to work


4. How often do you ask yourself: What should I be doing instead of what I am doing?

  • 31% Every day

  • 15% 1-2 a week

  • 25% 1-2 a month

  • 2% I know exactly what I should be doing but I can’t overcome limitations

  • 25% Almost never

  • 2% Very often, but I find no answer


5. If there were no limitations, what would you love to be doing instead?

  • 11% Exactly what I’m doing now

  • 49% I’d go and travel the world

  • 15% I’d change my current job into my passion job

  • 19% I have so many ideas I couldn’t decide

  • 6% No idea

How To Find Antony?

Antony's Personal Website

Antony's Facebook

Antonys’ Band ISAN on Spotify

Antony’s Band ISAN on Bandcamp

Antony’s Band ISAN on SoundCloud

ISAN on Wikipedia

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