Ep 71: 5 tips to become a better networker using LinkedIn Local (PART 2) - with Cathy Perez and YvG5O

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What's Special About Cathy?

Cathy Perez is not only a natural-born networker and an event organizer but also a woman with a purpose and a worthwhile mission at heart: To connect and to inspire people. Born and raised in Philippines, with 8-years experience of living in China (where she managed to learn how to order a taxi and make groceries’ shopping… in Chinese!), a couple of years ago, Cathy moved to Denmark for her now-husband.

In Scandinavia she has experienced a cultural shock - living all her life in huge cities, she has found herself in a small Danish town where she wasn’t initially able to build any connections. When after some time, Cathy and her husband moved to Arhus, she has decided to do something about it and OH, SHE DID! Inspired by a post about LinkedIn Local in Australia, together with Kotryna Kurt they have decided to organize the very first meeting of this kind in Arhus and… the rest is history!

Her spontaneous idea turned into a movement - today Cathy is preparing her fourth Arhus LinkedIn Local and she will even host guests from Copenhagen to show them how it’s done :) Tune in now to listen to a story of this remarkable woman who MAKES THINGS HAPPEN and is the best proof that everything is possible. All you need is an idea, some courage and a willingness to take an action!

Cathy on Cathy: I'm an organizer of LinkedInLocal Aarhus. It is an informal networking event which encourages people to go from online to offline and just connect with fellow humans. I love using my skills and passion in communication, event planning and networking to organize purposeful events that inspire and bring people together.

In the 2nd Episode we discussed:

  • How did Cathy manage to attract guests from Copenhagen and even from Ireland (!!!) to visit her LinkedIn Local events?

  • Tip 2 for becoming a better networker using LinkedIn Local: Why Knowing Your Value is a key to become an interesting partner for a conversation

  • What “Landing like a butterfly” and “dancing Cha-Cha” has to do with people remembering you for the right reasons?

  • Why it may be better to focus on who you are than on what you do?

  • What “networking games” is Cathy using at her events in order to facilitate a better experience for participants?

  • Tip 3 for becoming a better networker: Why “Being You” is the key to build your network and why pretending someone that you are not, can bury your chances to make a first good impression?

  • Tip 4 for becoming a better networker: Give More than You receive and the power for “being a source”

  • Why being a good listener is as important as being a good talker?

  • How to be assertive and “to say NO” when a Network Vampire tries to sucks out all the knowledge and energy out of you?

  • Tip 5 for becoming a better networker: Build a relationship and why the difference between a good and a “not-so-good” networker is following up with your newly made connections?

  • And many more!

This is Part 2 of 2-parts program. To listen to Part 1 “Ep 70: 5 tips to become a better networker using LinkedIn Local (PART 1) - with Cathy Perez and YvG5O” please click here


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