Ep 59 SPECIAL: Looking out for love with Rachael Lule

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What's special about Rachael?

Rachael Lule is a co-founder of Prime Matchmaking, a company that offers personalized matching services to serious singles in Central Jutland. The aim of this organization is to help singles that are looking for a long-term relationship and Rachael does that not only through matchmaking techniques but also through coaching and mentoring her clients.

Rachael says: "My passion is helping people and making a positive difference in their lives. That is why I help serious singles looking for their significant others in my free time. All the money earned from Prime Matchmaking is donated to my NGO in Uganda to help young single mothers, to start up small businesses to support their children."

Rachael came to our Radio Station to give an interview live on air.


In this Episode we discussed:

  • What is matchmaking and what does matchmaker offer?

  • Why is in-person matchmaking better than online matchmaking services?

  • Why do people still feel embarrassed by admitting they have problems with finding the right partner and why asking for a professional help should be applauded?

  • Why is it important to work on yourself first before trying to find a partner?

  • Why is it difficult these days to build a long-term, happy relationship and what can we do to increase our chances?

  • Why waiting for a Prince Charming on a White Horse or someone to "complete us" is most probably the worst strategy to find a partner out there?

  • And many more!


How to find Rachael?

Rachael's LinkedIn

Rachael's Facebook

Prime Matchmaking Website


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