Ep 64: 5 Lessons Learned on the way to become a successful entrepreneur (PART 2)

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What's Special About Rachael?

Our listeners will remember Rachael from a fantastic Live Show Interview “Ep 59 Looking out for Love” where she introduced us to the world of a professional matchmaking and gave an interview about modern relationships problems. Today, Rachael is back to talk about her Five Lessons Learned on the way to become a successful Entrepreneur and share her wisdom & experience with the audience.

Rachael is “a seeking soul in this world who wants to love and give back and do well while on the journey”. Mother of two, entrepreneurship addict and professional matchmaker, Rachael is a woman of many talents (being a Radio Guest is one of them, trust us!). Join us for this fantastic 2-parts program where we explore the highlights and lowlights of entrepreneurship.


In the 2nd Part We Discussed:

  • What are the three main Rachael’s daily habits that keep her entrepreneur's mind sharp, focused and motivated?

  • Why focusing on the problem or a pleasure is crucial for your business success?

  • How your own life experience and “daily pains” can inspire you to come up with an amazing start-up idea?

  • How by solving your problem, you can come up with a business offer?

  • How to identify your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) and how “the past version of yourself” can help you with that?

  • What is a “personal board of directors” and how to create it?

  • What is a network vampire and how to avoid becoming one?

  • And many more!

This is Part 2 of 2-parts program. To listen to Ep 63: 5 Lessons Learned on the way to become a successful entrepreneur (PART 1) please click here


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