Ep54 SPECIAL: Listen to your heart with Signe Bjerre



How to follow your heart with our lovely, special guest Signe Bjerre

Join us for an absolutely wonderful show with Signe Bjerre, where she sings for us and our listeners with her amazing voice.


What's special about Signe?

Signe says she's many things - a human, a free spirit, a singer. In her everyday life, she is practicing conscious healing, a form of coaching/mentorship where she guides her clients through inner transformation, helps them to remove internal blocks or old negative believes and supports them in an internal healing process. Her company, the Key to Empowerment, has attracted seven clients in the first week and is continually growing.

Signe has come a long way herself - struggling with a loss of her mother and battling addiction, she has found salvation in the teachings of another Conscious Healer, Cynthia Lamb.  After finding a new, healthy and liberating way of life, she has decided to share her knowledge and experience to help others, which may be struggling with their lives.

Signe came to the Radio Station on a Friday afternoon to share her story, talk about her journey and sing some songs requested by our listeners.


In this Episode we discussed:

  • What does it mean to follow your heart?

  • What are the best strategies for following your heart?

  • Our personal stories of using our ladies' balls ;) to get the courage to follow our hearts.

We have also collected song requests from our listeners before the show and Signe performed them LIVE on Air! She has performed:

  • "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood

  • "Present Tense" by Radiohead

  • "Get it right" by Diplo (feat. Mø)


How to find Signe?

Signe's Instagram

Signe's Facebook


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