Ep50 SPECIAL: The Magic & the Tragic of an alcohol with Paul Kaliisa

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This is a special episode to celebrate our 50th episode!

Join us for an entertaining show where together with our guest Paul Kaliisa we discuss the Magic & the Tragic of alcohol.


What's special about Paul?

Paul is a Co-Founder & Co-Owner at Fit256 I/S, Certified Personal Trainer and a Fitness Instructor who's true passion is helping people to live a healthy, balanced life. Apart from running his business and coaching his clients into fitness, Paul is also studying Construction Management at VIA University Colleague and planning to run awareness & educational workshops about healthy nutrition and lifestyle in his home country Uganda. What can we say, he is a busy guy!

We were fortunate to have him at the Radio Station on Friday afternoon where he served as an expert on a topic of alcohol and its influence on human's health and body weight. Paul also shared some very personal stories about his experience with alcohol which not only made this show educational but also entertaining.


In this Episode we discussed:

  • Is alcohol good for humans?

  • Which alcohol gives the most and least hangover and do we all get it?

  • How to avoid getting a hangover?

  • Great and not so great stories from our listeners

  • Does alcohol make us fat?

The discussions are based on the documentary: "The truth about alcohol" and the results of the survey amongst our listeners.


How to find Paul?

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