Quitting Smoking Step 2: More inner journey: determine why you REALLY want to quit

This is 2nd out of 5 Step Process to Beat Your Habit (click here for Introduction)



Find your reason to quit...


That’s an extremely important step. If you find a damn good reason for quitting smoking, it will be way easier to be successful. Changing that years-long habit is going to be uncomfortable.

You’ll set yourself up for withdrawal symptoms, you’ll need to change your routines. That clarity of why you want to quit is greatly useful and supportive here. “My partner wants me to quit” is usually not a sufficient reason for you to stop the habit for good. This kind of reason usually works better for limiting or hiding your habit. In order to succeed you need to own your reason and take full responsibility for your actions.


...and truly believe it


Stopping smoking due to health reasons may sound like a good thing to do. There’s a trap though, if you don’t truly believe that quitting smoking will make a big difference for your health, you’ll be struggling to succeed. In general, if your willingness to change the habit is fear-based, it may still work, sure! However, you’ll be adding more negative emotions, and
you will simply make it more difficult for yourself. Is that something that will serve you?

If you find THE REASON, that special trick that will help you not only to break the habit but also keep on going towards your new-habit- free-self, you’ll do yourself such a great favor! Here are some examples. Maybe you want to quit because you feel like you are physically weak? or because you don’t want to smell bad? Maybe your dream is to be a great runner and you want to improve your performance? Or maybe you simply don’t like the fact that you are controlled by something?

You really need to nail your true reason down, as it’s going to be your main driver. That is THE thing that will help you keep on going when it gets tough. In the next option, we will be working on formulating that reason in a positive and believable way, so that you fill yourself with good energy, supporting you on your journey.

However, before we move on to the next step, I’d like you to ask yourself: how important is it for me to stop smoking? How dedicated am I to this objective? Yes, note that answer down.


5 step process to beat your habit


Step 1: Inner journey (or root cause analysis)— dig deep to find out why have you been smoking all this time (please read here)

Step 2: More inner journey- determine why you REALLY want to quit (you are here)

Step 3: It’s all in your head– time for some solid mental clean-up (please read here)

Step 4: Game plan– figure out what you are going to do instead  (please read here)

Step 5: Shift into your new non- smoking self (please read here)