5 Tips on Job Searching with Little or No Experience by Kate Dahl

Many of the tips in the article on 5 Tips for internationals to get a job in Denmark can be applied. It was also discussed in episodes 55 and 56 in the Radio Show, You’ve Got 5 Options.

But this article will delve deeper into other areas to help you in your job search if you have little or no experience.

1. Be Confident in Your Personal Brand

In episodes 60 and 61 in “You've Got 5 Options”, Kotryna talks about how to create your own personal brand.

But the point to be expanded upon is that to be successful in creating your own personal brand, you must display confidence, self-worth and self-love (more on how to be kind to yourself and self-love is expanded upon in episode 57)

But how can you gain confidence if you don’t feel it right now?

Listen to music that brings you up. Music is a powerful tool to help get your spirits up. Make a list of positive music and listen to it. It helps to change your mental state.

Find pleasant aromas that you like to fill your room. This could be using incenses, candles, perfumes/cologne that helps calm the nerves and anxiety. Lavender is scientifically tested and has been used for centuries to help with the tranquility of the inner self. Try it and see if it works for you

Find activities that make you happy. This can vary from sport, to crafts and/or hanging out with your friends and/or family. Changing your mental state by staying positive and happy helps you in being confident (more on how to remain positive in your job search here)

It all sounds corny, but it really works in help you giving you that mental boost.

So how does this relate to job searching?

A lot of companies hire people who are confident, knows who they are and what they want to be. If you have little or no experience and want to get a job, build your personal brand and be confident in it.

2. Connect the Dots

Once you reflect on your strengths and think outside of the box, put 2 and 2 together.

What does this mean?

connetc the dots.jpg

For example, if you have a degree and experience in one field and see a job in a very similar area that has a lot of the competencies that you have already built up from your previous experiences, then you should go for it if the job matches your competences.

You should not let yourself be held back. If the job posting does not match everything exactly, but you most of the competencies that you are very strong in, then go for it!

If you need help in connecting the dots, go find a support buddy to help you (this is also expanded upon in the article 5 Tips on How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search)

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever”

- Steve Jobs 

3. Show Value

It is all about going back to the tips mentioned earlier about thinking outside the box, recognizing your strengths and targeting your application. Once these are mastered, you can delve deeper in targeting your application by showing how you can bring value to the company.

So how do you go about showing value to a company despite having little experience in this area?

Again, all going back to about thinking outside of the box.

  • What courses did you learn during your studies?

  • What experiences in your childhood did you have?

  • What did you learn during your internships?

Once you reflex on this, then show the company your potential on how you can create value for them. Emphasize your skills but don’t just tell them. Show them real life, specific examples and don’t be shy with your emotions. Making it personal shows your humanity and character. As you don’t have a lot of experience, reflect on the tips from earlier on thinking outside of the box.

This is something that you, yourself have to reflect on. And if you need help, find yourself a Support Buddy

4. Build your competencies and skills

If you are not quite where you need to be to get that job you really want, you need to keep learning and strengthen your competences and investigate how to develop the ones you want to achieve.

Take free courses. The internet has so many opportunities to learn, like YouTube tutorials for example. Then apply them and offer your services to a wider audience to help build your portfolio.

take free courses.jpg

Consider applying for an internship but make sure that it is the right internship. Make sure that the company will help you grow and develop the competencies that you want to improve and not just use you for a free labor. Who knows, maybe you will get a job after the internship is complete? (many people do).

Think about volunteering as well in an NGO but again - find the right NGO to help you develop the competencies and skills that you want to grow or achieve. Otherwise, develop your own initiative in how you can help others. Give a taste to companies or people in what you can offer. Once you have made a successful case, remind them what you have accomplished for them and how it created value for them. Then create yourself an opportunity to shape a new position for yourself in the company.

5. Sell Yourself

Before you get to this step, you have to master all the other steps mentioned before. If you don’t, you are going to have problems and not get to the first or second job interview.

It is about selling your own personal brand, which is the key. Remember to use your past life experiences, your life stories and who you are. Sell your personality and shine.

You must be able to make clear to the company what you are able to do, what you have achieved so far and what makes you valuable. When you can achieve this, you will be able to beat those who have applied for the same position and be known.

Good Luck and always stay positive!

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Kate Dahl

Kate is a driven and passionate public speaker, who specializes in sales and customer service. During the last 3,5 years, she managed to land six different jobs as a foreigner in Denmark, which only shows that she knows what she's doing.

Being an expert in a field of job search, she also knows a lot about rejection and failure. Her mission is to share her personal story and knowledge about her job-seeking experiences, so she can help others with their career development.


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