Solved Challenge: I think I have an alcohol problem - What can I do to control it?

Hello. Lately, I've noticed something that worries me. When I go out and drink alcohol, more and more often I lose control over how much I drink. It starts nice and slow, but then after a couple of beers or shots, I end up really drunk, sometimes to the point when I don't remember what was I doing or how I got home. In the morning I have a huge hangover, also the moral one, and I feel really embarrassed with myself.

In the past it was happening as well, but not very often so I wasn't worried. Besides, everyone gets really drunk from time to time, right? But now it happens more often than not, and I would really like to do something about it. I don't want to resign from alcohol completely, I just want to control it better.

Do you have some ideas for me?