Solved Challenge: How to cope with an abusive boss?

Not long ago I moved to Denmark, where I had to find a new career path. I live in a small town and I can't work doing what I used to do before, so I got a job as a handicap helper working for a woman with 2 children in her house.

The person I help is my employer and she is in a charge of the whole thing, from schedule making, the delegation of the daily task and a supervising my performance.

I've been in this job for nearly 2 years and at this point, I have had enough of it. It is the result of more than one irregularities concerning her performance as an employer: her lack of manners, making you do things that are entirely out of the responsibilities stated in a contract and her obsession with controlling every single thing that you do.

This has pushed me to take the decision to look for something new which hasn't proven that easy so far and I am not able to leave this job until I have found a new workplace.

What I'm finding challenging and I would like you to help me with is: How do I cope, in the meantime, emotionally with the frustration, that results from her abuses and unfairness until I find a new job?

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