Quitting Smoking Step 1: Root cause analysis - dig deep to find out why have you been smoking all this time

This is 1st out of 5 Step Process to Beat Your Habit (click here for Introduction)

Root Cause Analysis


The Root Cause


It’s very difficult to stop smoking for good if you don’t manage the root cause of your smoking. The initial question to ask yourself here is of course: why did you start smoking in the first place? This answer can already be a great source of information.

For example, if you started smoking because you believed your friends will think you’re cool, you can start digging into several aspects here. You can ask yourself: do I think it is cool to smoke? Is that reason even still valid?


Ask yourself some questions


A whole other story lies in the answers to the questions: why have you kept smoking all those years? Has it been your way to deal with stress? Has it been your way to socialize with people? Has it been your way to get a moment for yourself?

If you skip that self-analysis and you are not aware of WHY you’ve been repeating that habit over and over again, it will be very difficult to stop indulging in it. It is quite likely that you’ll need to concentrate on fixing the root cause before you are able to stop smoking for good (especially if you have tried & failed in the past).


Find your "reasons"...


For example, if one of the reasons for you to smoke is to relax, you’ll need to find a better way to relax. A way that will work for you as good as smoking. If you’re smoking when you feel insecure, you’ll need to work with your insecurity and find a way to feel secure as you attempt to quit your habit.


...and write them down


The best thing to do to set yourself up for success is to write a full list of reasons and situations where you’ve been reaching out for a cigarette. Probably some of them will be quite easy to say “no” to, while others may need some healing before you can be successful. Do not worry, healing doesn’t need to be a lengthy process. Sometimes it is enough to elicit your root-cause from the sub-consciousness to be able to move on.

Just be true to yourself and allow a good time to do that exercise mindfully and diligently. Remember that you are doing it for yourself, the most important person in your life. The next steps will assist you in the journey of self-discovery and healing.



5 step process to beat your habit


Step 1: Inner journey (or root cause analysis)— dig deep to find out why have you been smoking all this time (you are here)

Step 2: More inner journey- determine why you REALLY want to quit (please read here)

Step 3: It’s all in your head- time for some solid mental clean-up (please read here)

Step 4: Game plan- figure out what you are going to do instead  (please read here)

Step 5: Shift into your new non- smoking self (please read here)