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We love to have guests in the studio - be it in person or on the phone - so if you have something to share and you a brave enough to do it, don't hesitate to approach us!

What do we talk about?

Everything! We're like Oprah (minus the obvious differences ;-)) - we talk about things that are challenging, valuable and important and we are not afraid to pick up any topic.

We are currently running 3rd season of our show, titled “Coming Back to the Roots” - read below what is it all about and apply to be our guest today!


Season 3: Coming Back to the Roots

In Season 3 “Coming Back to the Roots” we will explore BIG existential questions of WHY, WHAT, and HOW.

What is our true purpose? 

Why are we here? 

Where are we heading?

Why so many people feel unhappy/unfulfilled and how to live a joyful and purposeful life? 

What are universal human values and skills and what makes us HUMAN in the first place? 

How to reconnect with nature and people around us in the world dominated by technology? 

Traditional versus alternative approaches towards healing, well-being, self-improvement.

And what are the universal, timeless skills every human should possess that would come in handy in case of an Apocalypse? ;)

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